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What'd you do to your FIRST Gen. Subaru today?

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little busy this morning...


i noticed some noise from the front end. so i put it up on the ramps and made sure my endlinks were tight. both small bolts on each side were a little lose. so tighten em back up, then i lifted the car further in the air to inspect my ball joints, tierod ends and hub bearings. the drivers front wheel felt like it was ablout to fall off. so as im getting ready to swap hubs i noticed i can turn the axle nut by hand. it was broken where u put a notch it in. so i replaced it with a good one i have and now the front end is all tight again.


then got to the fender rolling... did all 4 corners on the 93ss.




then some dude from ct drove to my house to swap his catless 3" BPM exhaust for my stock 93 exhaust and up pipe. cleaned up nice i think.






then, after talking for a bit, hes gonna come back with his car and swap my stock front sway bar for his 22mm whiteline sway bar.


so all in all, had a good morning so far.

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was this...




started stripping a little more tonight. gonna do some more tomrw.



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I painted my intake manifold. Word to the wise...when the

wrinkle paint says 3 heavy coats it means one heavy coat

and two light 5 minutes apart each. Mine doesn't look great,

but I'm throwing it in anyway. Too much time spent taping

crap off to redo it.

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a little more today... ok, well a lot today.


started out by gettting the drivetrain out.









then set it up on dollies so i can roll the chassis around.





moved the car into position






thanks to croupade for the vise, i was able to get the driveshaft off.





and the 93 nestled in its spot...




toying with the look...




parts that came off the 91 and going on the 93.





hope u enjoyed... it was a busy day for me today.

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swapped exhausts today. its definitly louder. im gonna see what the STI muffler does without the resonator.


its frakin pouring hard here so this is really the only pic i have till tomrw where i can get outside pics and maybe a sound clip.



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trust me, its not gonna last long. i dont want it that loud. (sounds good as hell and has a deep rumble, but i dont want the attention and its my daily driver) im gonna put my STI muffler on and go from there, if i have to ill put the resonator in to.



santa got me this for xmas.



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so i decided to do the shifter linkage and swap the rear. but while i was at it i did the rear whiteline control arms to. just gotta do the ball joints, tie rod ends and an alignment and im all good.


heres how the night went.


parts going in... steer bushings will probly go in today along with the ball joints.





swapped out center consoles for the one on the right.




took everything out...




vlsd on left / open diff on right.

i cleaned up the vlsd, i know the paint wont last long but what the hell... :p





put the control arms in before the rear for easier access.




and all together.




it was a long night. hopefully i can get to the other parts today. im beat and tired... plus i got a few battle wounds in the process. stay tuned for more to come... :)

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it was a nice day out so i decided to change the front axles and ball joints... it went smooth so i made my own 50/50 tail lights.


the only thing left to do is swap out steering racks with whiteline steer bushings, install tierod ends and get an alignment which i have set up for tues. after that, all i have to do is swap out the auto seatbelts for the manual set i have and the 93ss is done for the winter.


heres whats going in.




so far so good.




ball joint difference




new axles and ball joints installed. yaaayyyy!!!




then decided to make my own 50/50s.




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Oh wow...that looks a lot better now ;)


I was hoping they'd be tougher haha Well

that's more important.


I thought the rear brakes were more for

stability than braking. I know they help,

but as far as I know it wouldnt make a

huge difference.

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