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What'd you do to your FIRST Gen. Subaru today?

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heres the stock manifold and uppipe from my for sale thread.






heres whats inside the up pipe.




urs could be breaking apart like my midpipe cat did and it was sluggish. i changed the midpipe and my car pulls like never before. heres what my catted midpipe had in it.




then this fell out.



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got bored and installed a boost gauge and txs mbc i had lying around... i the set the boost to 11psi.

bottom hole will be for wideband







mbc installed.



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got bored this morning so i hooked up 2 boost gauges. one is digital so i can get a more accurate reading while seting the mbc... im set to 11psi... spiking to 12psi in the 4th, 5th. as long as i dont go near 13psi im good.


not sure which one i like better yet.



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went with the digital




swapped out canister




installed quick battery disconnects




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stripped a little more of the red 91ss.

doors (sold for a pizza pie and bottle of sprite) and the sunroof sold.





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im mad that it is wet out, wanted to finish installing my rallyarmor flaps today. looks funny with only 2 on there haha.


i had them on my car but they didnt look right for some reason. post pics when ur done.


Friday i dropped a vavle so time for a ej22 or possibly 22t and a 5 speed... Lasted 241xxx


for the money, might as well just do a wrx swap.

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autozone or advanced has the disconnects.


i swapped out canisters to eliminate the 3rd vacuum line to the intake. i have a tdo5/tmic/intake/injectors/fuel pump etc going in soon so im getting things ready for when i install everything.


Cool, thanks! I'll have to get some of those.


Ah, gotcha ;)

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