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6 Disc In-Dash Problem/ climate control issue


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Ok, so every now and then I press the buttons to adjust the fan speed on my car, or press the a/c or recirculate button and nothing happens. If i push around the button or on the screen display it will then start to work. Just the other day I was driving upstate, went to switch from cd in 4 slot to cd in 6 slot. It switched and then when disc 6 was about to start it just went back to the radio. Ever since then I can't eject cd's, I can't load cd's, or even listen to them. I press the eject button it makes noise but nothing happens, i press the cd button and its as if i'm not pressing it. Anyone else have this problem? Or does anyone know if I purchased the extended 8 year/ 80k warranty will this be covered?
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First find out if it covered by your warranty.

else { :lol:


Is it like this ? (0:30 CD 4)


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tUCwiNvqbC0]YouTube - ‪Subaru Legacy 09 Disc Changer Stuck‬‏[/ame]



The CD changer got stuck.

You can try to reset it by disconnecting the battery, so its memory will erase as there is a constant 12V to the units memory.


When its memory will be erased it will try to count the CDs and this may solve it, or at least you will be able to eject the CDs partially.

you need to give it time to initiate so don't push any buttons.


The chances for it to work are not that high, but you can give it a shot.


I can't promise if it will better or worse.


NOTICE : Disconnecting the battery WILL ERASE EVERYTHING YOUR CAR REMEMBERS, Trip computer, electric seats position, fuel usage, all your saved radio stations, ECU stuff etc.


I broke mine when I connected it to power when it was upside down,

now 4 and 5 CDs wont eject and you can hear them scratch when you play them. I managed to eject them, but it involved partially disassembling the head unit.

But the problem continues when I insert CDs in those slots.


As I replaced the HU with another multimedia system I can now preform surgery on the HU to find out what is wrong, and hopefully how to fix it :rolleyes:

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Hey thanks. I actually tried disconnecting the battery. When I reconnected it the radio didn't even display on the top that I had any cd's in the player. I tried disconnecting again and nothing. I tried to press load to see if that would work nothing. I took the radio out, popped the top cover off to see if something was jammed. I didn't see anything jammed I stuck a thin screw driver in the cd player and slid all the cd's into the same position. I hooked it up, nothing. I put the cover back on and was putting everything back together, as I plugged the first plug back into the radio the cd player started making noise, I turned the car on and pressed eject. 1 by 1 all the discs came out, I took one put it back in, it loaded, played, ejected, and i was able to switch from FM/AM to CD again. I don't know what I did but it seems to be working. At least for now.
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Mine worked fantastically after the first time I "fixed" it.

After a couple of months CDs 4 & 5 refused to operate anymore, but the first time I had to disassemble the changer itself and thats the most complicated assembly I ever seen, there was not even one piece of that thing that was coming out properly and exposing the insides, EVERYTHING is freakin' connected with springs and cables and motors and gears, so probably I bent a few things that caused that damage.


Now If I want my CDs to eject I have to open the top cover and raise the CD a bit with a small screwdriver, so it will pop to its place and eject, its strange that it happens only with the 4th and 5th CD .. maybe their trays are bent.


Ill probably mess with it over the weekend.


Hope your changer will live happily ever after.

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