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FL Roll Call?


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Hey, did we ever decide if we are going to goto Helen Back on the Island. Cause last time it was so freaking cold. I bet the Impreza guys wish they had heated seats!!


- Luminati




First thing I did was turn my up to 4 :D Wish I had started my car sooner like you and Stiletto did.


I'm pretty sure we're going to hit up Helen Back...at least, everyone sounded like it was a really good idea at the end of the meet. Gotta make it happen..I had fun, but it would have been better inside. I swear I woke up the next morning and my nose was still bright red :D

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With the weather acting the way it has lately, it prolly won't be quite as cold. Of course, I say that now and watch....we'll get a freak blizzard!!


I think Helen Back's is a great idea!! Just so long as we get a spot to take some decent pics. That parking lot at the Swamp was horrid with regards to lighting!!


Also, the flyers west005 made up state that the meets will be held in that lot. So, unless he makes new flyers, I believe we'll be going there first. I'll send him an email...

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If i'm not working ill try to show... and maybe a few other LGT guys I know that aren't on the board... someone got a mapquest link?


Ever been to Destin?


Take Highway 98 through Fort Walton Beach. The first bridge you go over after approximately 50 miles will be the Brooks Bridge. The other side of that bridge is Okaloosa Island. Go through the first light. After you second light you will see a sign for The Boardwalk which includes The Swamp and Howl at the Moon. It's the next turn off after that light on the right. You can't miss it.


We meet at 8pm.


I did a mapquest from 9th Avenue in Pensacola; ignore the first part and use the rest once you are on 98.



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Holt is open Sunday; details on their website (Emerald Coast Raceway). I'm going to head up. Not running personally, but I know a few people who are.


http://www.sccawiregrass.org/ is the closest SCCA region to us. They race out of Hunt Army Airfield in Southern Alabama. There is also http://www.dixiescca.com/dixiehome.htm, but that's a bit further away still. Really depends on how bad you want it. I've gone to the open track days the SVToA Central Florida region does at the Gainsville mini grand prix track.


The next meet is March 4th. Hopefully it's a bit warmer than the last two have been :D

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