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BulletProof-TMIC Mod - LGT, 08+ WRX

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FWIW, I still send the complete plans to anyone who wants them as I have since the beginning. Send me a PM and I'll provide instructions on how to get the plans.


This has been mentioned a number of times in the thread but it gets buried I suppose as time goes one... it has been a while.

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Hi folks,



I've been building these kits and selling on ebay since about the time that BarmanBean stopped doing so. I have recently opened www.bulletproofme.net to get away from ebay's awful new policies and to create a more accessible way for lgt folks to get their kits.



I have been running one of these on my oem tmic at stage 2 since about 2017 and it works like a charm.



I'm currently working something out with SBT for vendor status and figured I'd put this up in case anyone is looking for an easy way out.

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Here you go folks. Not sure if it was his kit but I installed one of these kits on my car three years ago when I bought it. Still holding up strong.


Good luck with sales.


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Hey all. Sorry not on here much anymore but I have a kit I bought from Duffman a while ago but never got around to installing.


My 05 OBXT took a huge dump recently and I'm getting rid of it so I have this kit unused for sale of if anyone is interested. PM me. Venmo or PayPal.


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THE original metal zip tied BPTMIC!!


Still going strong at 115kmi on a Stg 2 Cryo road tune.


Farfrumwork's zip-tied BPTMIC is still kicking it. Not that I expected otherwise, this is solid fix.


5+ yrs, and 50k+ miles, mostly on a Cryo Stage2 road tune.



{From March 2012}




FYI - the sweet heatshield visible on the left didn't last... :lol:





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