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A New Tool -- SSM MapTrace Live Log Map Tracing


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Update 3-24-11:


I have a working version -- I am having memory usage issues (the live-view ends up using like 2GB of memory and then crashes...) I will be releasing it soon...I will post another screenshot right now...

Update 3-14-11:


I'm still almost ready for a release!


I just need to do some debugging to work out a few kinks in the system...


I SHOULD have this out within a week!




Current Features:


Single-Map Display and Tracing of MAF (with a Twist!), Base Timing Advance, and Base Open-Loop Fueling Maps

Dual-Map Display with Fueling Base and Base Timing


MAF Tables:


MAF Table Tracing with Added RPM Dimension for Turbocharged Subies (Different RPM Means Different MRP) (3D!!!)

MAF Table Cell Coloring with Short-Term and Long-Term Fuel Trims

Automatic Export of MAF/Fuel Trim Data to a File with Averages!


Timing Tables:


3-D Table Display with Colorizing (standard RGB Scale)

Map Tracing Cursor with Theoretical/Actual Differential Display (Color-Based; Blue -> Cyan Imply Timing Retarding, Green is 0 KC, and Yellow -> Red Imply KC Advance)


Fueling Tables:


3-D Table Display with Colorizing (standard RGB Scale)

Map Tracing Cursor with Theoretical/Actual Differential Display (Color-Based; Blue->Cyan Imply Richer Mixture than Theoretical, Green is On-Target, and Yellow->Red Imply Leaner than Theoretical)





White Surface Mesh-Grid Display for Improved Position Reference

Live Gauges

Timing/AFR Logging Capabilities (working on that right now)

K-Line SSM Functionality through VAG Cables

CAN and K-Line SSM Functionality through Tactrix OpenPort 2.0 Cable




Let me know if there's anything else that would make it better!



Special thanks to UTC_PYRO and NSFW for their input!









Hello everyone...


I am a programmer/tuner-in-training and have seen some cool tools out there that give a visual representation of where you are on a given ECU map.


SSM MapTrace is a tool that I wrote (with the assistance of MAC Autosport in Parker, CO) that gives a snake-like live visual representation of a SSM/Tactrix log.


The program is still VERY early in its beta stage, but I will post a video of the program running with a timing map and a cruising log with a couple hard-throttle points.


Currently, the program only works with base timing maps and timing/RPM/Engine Load logs, but support for AFR, MAF, and other maps will be added later. Unfortunately, the map and logs have to be formatted in a specific way before use with the program, but I will TRY to make it a little bit easier...


Let me know if there are any other features that you guys would like me to add!


Enjoy (click on the image -- it's a video on PhotoBucket):



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Very nice - what is really needed is true SSM capabilities - like being able to eliminate or sync up the immobilizer and re-setting or removing the TPMS.


Thanks! I AM planning on integrating live SSM reading through a Tactrix Cable -- the people that make ECUExplorer released the SSM Protocol Spec, but the only problem is that C++ doesn't like RS-232 simulated communication -- YET! :icon_twis


The UI definitely needs work, and OpenGL makes it difficult to make a true SSM car-interactive interface that will clear CEL's and such -- I will work on this, but it may take a while!

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I have added support for displaying multiple maps on the screen (i.e. Fueling Base and Timing -- which are conveniently the two that I have working now :))



I am in the process of adding actual live data monitoring via a cable -- unlike the name suggests, the initial test will be performed with an ELM 327 chipset cable (mainly because I need to buy a VAG cable so I can do SSM -- the Tactrix 2.0 doesn't play well with SSM over K-Line; the second reason is for my sanity -- the ELM cable is much easier to interface with VS2005 than the SSM bytecode-based communication).


I'll keep you guys updated along the way!

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Yeah, I know that the ELM is really slow, but it was just for testing and extended support purposes...


Thanks for the link to the GPL code!


As of now, a form has been filed with the US Copyright office and once that goes through, I will be sending the program out to be beta tested!

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I'm almost ready for a release!!!


I will be posting screenshots as soon as I charge my laptop -- batteries have been in use all day :cool:


WRT Tactrix 2.0 and VAG Cable use:


I am going to have to write my own library -- the .NET one will not play nicely with OpenGL and non-managed WIN32 code :(

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Sorry for the lack of updates...


I have the ELM functionality up and running with approx. 2-3 samples per second on each map.


I am working on the SSM -- I have the program communicating with the car, but the SSM protocol is a bit strange in how it prioritizes communication...


SSM only reads when the car is running at > .2g/rev load...not very helpful lol.


The major change that I made in what I call version 2.1 is the color delta (change from theoretical) display on the trace...


I promise that I will release the program soon -- for when I do, I can't provide an automated installer...This means that I will provide the pthreads and OpenGL dll's as well as the program itself...

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I added a couple of features...


I now have stationary gauges for RPM, load, and MAF and gauges that follow the traces that show the current value on the gauge, both pictorally and in text.






I promise I will release it soon -- I have MAJOR memory issues right now (it's using 2GB after two minutes of runtime on live-view).


Performance-wise, it's running great -- the SSM is getting 4 samples of all the following parameters per second:




Front Lambda/AFR

Timing Advance

A/F ST and LT trims



I will keep you guys updated!

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