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Sub 5sec 0-100kmh Legacy GT (BL5)

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Gentlemen, this is not an idle boast, after installing the HKS Fcon Vpro (ECU replacement), I managed to clock 4.9 secs on 3 out of 6 runs (0-100kmh). The other 3 runs were flat 5s (5.000secs).


The other mods I've done are:

Suspension & handling...

1.) front and rear cusco undersway bars

2.) front and rear end links (perrin)

3.) front STi Titanium strut bar

4.) rear carbing strut bar

5.) Spec B underarms (x4)

6.) Cusco underside H bar

7.) Bilstein shocks

8.) Eibach springs


1.) conversion to 2.5L

2.) Sti 550cc injectors

3.) Blitz airpod with cold air intake

4.) ATF cooler

5.) Engine oil cooler

note: couldn't fit the Perrin top mount intercooler to the turbo, :(


1.) HKS mid-pipe to Silent Hi-Power mufflers

2.) Zerosports uppipe

3.) Sti downpipe (modified)

note: any feedback on this brand of extractors called GT Spec or any other recommendations?


1.)front - Prodrive 4 pot caliphers and discs, ferrodo pads

2.)rear- AP racing 4 pot caliphers and delphi racing discs, ferrodo pads


1.) Prodrive GC06 18" with Yokohama AD07 235/40 and waiting delivery (end of June) for BBS 18" Sti with Bridgestone RE010R 225/40 tyres


Basically had all this stuff on and the HKS Fcon Vpro brought them all together. Pity though that my top speed is now limited to 240kmh (I was able to do 250kmh on a 2.0L block before) but my tuner says that anything beyond 240kmh and it runs too lean and the AVCS (cam timing) is way off too. Can anyone enlightened me if you have a speed cut for US spec legacy running the 2.5L? I was told you were limited to 223kmh and can't believe it. The car is capable of so much more.




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yes we are limited at 223kph (138mph) however with ECU modification, that limiter can be removed and the car can reach in the area of 241 (150-ish mph) before we run out of gearing to go any faster.



anyhow, impressive mod list. how hard was the 2.0 to 2.5 conversion?

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i think hitting sub-5s with our LGTs shouldn't be too difficult.

Stage 2 puts us on par if not slightly more powerful with the STi. And the STi hit 0-60 in 4.7 (claimed).

Yeah, but the stock suspension can't support that. It can barely support a full launch stock :)
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the 2L to 2.5L was tough, not mechanically but later on to get it tuned right. The AVCS and the crank sensors seem to have problems initially as well as the A/F sensor. But thankfully that's sorted out, only regret is that a friend's legacy GT remained on the 2L block but also used the Fcon Vpro and he managed a top speed of 270kmh.


in reply to earlier post, all in I've prob spent (S'pore dollars) about 20k (1USD=1.6SGD). With my new BBS rims & new tyres, that'd be an additional S$6k.


Nope, nothing official, we just got it out of the tuner's and I got a friend to use a stop watch sitting next to me. Probably hooking up the Apexi RSM or something better to get more accuracy. My friend and myself weigh about 80kgs each so I'm hoping to have no passenger on the next run. Considering that the legacy weighs about 100kgs more than an STi, I'm quite happy with the performance so far (except for the top end). But this is prob the end for now, saving up for a Spec C... :)

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Congrats bro!! That's extremely fast for an auto!! Was that using torque-brake launch, or simply normal launch off the line?? Nonetheless, very fast...:)


Heh...Greetings from a fellow LGTer in SGP...Are you in the local SG Subaru Legacy forum by any chance?? :rolleyes:


How does FconV Pro compare to Motec or Ecutek? I may be considering an ECU upgrade myself...;)

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Nope, never mix with the local members and not in any of the local clubs except my own informal one. Want to maintain low profile:D Five of us with black cars, rex, evo, integra.:cool: time was achieved using a brake launch.


I was advised to forget about the Ecutek coz that's just a piggy back and wouldn't be able to sort out the AVCs. It was a toss up between the Vpro and the Motec but the Motec M400 wasn't rated as good as the Vpro and the Motec M800 was out of my reach financially so I went for the Vpro. The jury is still out on which one is better... but i heard the Motec has problems with cold starting. My 2 cents :confused:




Looks like I'll have to stop posting on this forum soon.

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Yeah, but the stock suspension can't support that. It can barely support a full launch stock :)



That's exactly right. Our suspension and tranny (stock) won't get you

sub- 5.0 second 0-60 times.

I'd say on a stock suspension,tranny/clutch, and tires the best we could expect

is about 5.3 seconds.

Just changing the tires should get us to 5.1-5.2 and with suspension mods probably high 4's (4.9's) but without clutch/tranny work, we can't launch as hard as a WRX STI even with Stage 2 power putting out more than a stock STI.


Nice mod list....I would of just bought an STI at that point though.

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Yeah, but the stock suspension can't support that. It can barely support a full launch stock :)



I rarely launch the car hard from a standstill because of this. It feels totally out of control when the hood pitches skyward. :rolleyes:

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Heh..No worries bro...Don't see why you should stop posting??


This forum, at very most, may be witnessed by the SG LGTers, but not any others, should that be the worry. I recognize the sensitivities, and have not posted the info across the local board for that very reason...:redface:


In any case, what you've done is no less than an engineering feat! Nice to know that it can be done, and a 2.5L can be mated with a twin-scroll. The question is whether the auto-tranny can take it under prolonged use?? Must be about 350bhp at the crank now? :)

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