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1993 Legacy 2.2L transmission

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make sure the gearing is the same as the diff. if not u wont leave the parking lot before breaking something.


your 93 is a 3.90 final drive.


the 98 outback is 4.44 final drive.


it will not work. you will need the diff out of the outback. but your going to see a rise in rpm at cruising speed and a drop in fuel mileage.

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I also have a 93 legacy, just got it, also think previous owner put tranny in it with wrong final drive ratio. can anyone tell me what gearing this transmission has it is a TZ102ZGAA-CA? the tag on my strut tower reads TZ102ZA2AA and i know the car has a 3.90 rear diff gear ratio. I it easier or even possible to swap gears in transmission to match the rear? Or ca i swap over the rear diff to match the front? need advice badly.
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