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GI Complete partout


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sorry about the wreck - glad you are ok.


Interested in the rear brembo set up.

1) Do you have adapter rotors (stock parking brakes), or are you using rotors meant for an 04 STi?

2) which make of caliper adapter?



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holy cow, that's a crazy looking wreck. glad you're ok


is that price for the brembos outright sale price? how come you need the stickers before taking to the yard?


Insurance adjustor might look for parts i stripped off and not give me full price for the car

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christmas bump

Brembos are still up rotors are custom made for the legacy


Can you ask your adjuster how much of a reimbursement difference it would be if you kept the rear brakes?


They probably won't take that much off your reimbursement check if you can take them off before returning the car


I really want those brakes but can't come down til jan 29

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