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Radio Issues


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Hi guys, happy holidays to everyone!


I have an 08 Subaru Legacy 2.5i recently I put in an AVIC F900bt


everything went well, but not too long ago the vehicle was hit, After getting it back from the body shop, the radio now, turns on, shows pioneer logo as it always did, and then shuts off. It sounds like the fan in the back is still running. I checked all the connections and fuses, everything is fine.


I was thinking about everything, and I realized the shop probably disconnected the battery for quite some time to do repairs. Upon reconnecting it, do you believe its possible the radio wont work because the system is waiting for the radio code to be inputted from the factory radio?


Please chime in if you can.


Also anyone have any info on an add on remote starter for this car? Thanks in advance for all the help.

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