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Paint protection/wax/sealant


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We just got our brand new '11 3.6. It's silver with black and we're loving it! It is in the garage for now as it is so new, but will be living outdoors (the garage is reserved for my Forester). Before I work it into full rotation, I was wondering what sort of wax or sealant to apply. I am looking for durability and protection from salt, stains, car washes, etc, more than ultimate gloss. It will not be attended to all of the time.


I have used Nu-Finish on my forester with great results. I have been happy with the Nu-finish, it lasts a long time. Of course that was after 4 years of city parking outdoors and I was not able to treat it that well. I am starting with a clean slate here.


My friend who is big into detailing said since it is new, to just wash it and apply speed shine from griotsgarage.com. But this car will not be living in a garage, will be snowed on, and I won't be wiping it down all the time like he does.


What are everyone's thoughts?

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It's personal preference as far as detailing products are concerned. I have always had good luck with Meguiars for off the shelf type products.


When I get serious about it, I use menzerna polishes and sealant along with Poorboys pure carnuba wax. The polishes get applied with my Porter Cable using an orange or white pad, depending on the amount of paint correction needed. The wax I always apply by hand.


Autogeek.net is a pretty good resource for detailing products, they have a pretty wide selection of products.

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Check out detailers domain over on nasioc. Search for his user name, he has some REALLY good step by steps, and lists all the stuff he uses.


Personally I own a detail business, and for winter protection we offer 3 options for our clients. Listed from cheapest to more expensive.


1. Einzett Glanz wax (Great wax last most of the time about 2.5 months in some pretty bad winter weather, also very easy to hand apply.)


2. Menzerna power lock sealant (Very good protection, doesn't look as good as the above mentioned product, but extreme protection.


3. Menzerna power lock + Colinite 645 wax (Extreme protection, with 2 coats on horizontal surfaces)


Since the vehicle is new I would recommend a very light polish like Menzerna superfinish, and if there is almost no swirls or scratches we have had success with the Einzett polish.

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I've got basically the same car,a 2011 silver Legacy and it finally stopped raining long enough to give it a good detail job.

After washing all the mud and junk off,I first used Meguiar's Polish to smooth out the somewhat iffy Subaru paint job.

Metallic's do tend to show a bit more orange peel than solids,especially on the hood.

Then I used Meguar's Carnauba Wax,goes on easy comes off pretty easy too.


If you want a faster way that protects just as well,try to find some Liquid Glass,goes on easy and comes off just as well....even in the sun.

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