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Mid-A dealership reviews thread/sticky?


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I searched around but didn't find much ... but do we have a dealership review thread/sticky for the Mid-A region?


My mechanic friend is looking to get a legacy after working on mine. He's got a kid too so his wife's all about the AWD and safety. He works on Route 40.


Further down 40 (headed to Columbia), is the Brown's Subaru still there? It's attached to a Mazda and shares the same parking lot as a VW dealership. Any thoughts of sending him there? My personal experience is that it's just "ok". Back when I was shopping around, they seemed understaffed. I had to go through 4 sales guys for them to figure out that I didn't want a VW or a Mazda and was looking for Subaru sales. I ended up getting my car from Fitzgerald on Rockville Pike right outside of White Flint Mall. Been there to check things out and when I walked in, I saw 2 sales guys chatting it up about the redskins and 1 guy on facebook. Guess things have changed.


I do know that I'll never recommend anyone to the Sheehy in Springfield (VA).


Any other dealer recommendations?



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Well, he could go a slightly longer distance and go to Annapolis Subaru. Talk to Ed Rucker. If you want a very personable salesman, who actually knows the products he is selling, then go there. And if he doesn't have an answer, he is the only person I know that will say he doesn't know and actually look up the information for you. Most salesman go into selective hearing mode for your question and then try to give you an answer you want to hear.
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