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Dinged rear bumper, help!


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Late for work backing into a spot i didnt realize there was one of those posts jutting out an extra 4 inches or so and tagged it. Now i have a nice indent in the rear bumper, anyone know how to take off the bumper? I was thinking of pushing it out if its not so bad. If not...anyone know paintless dent removal in the fairfield ct area? thanks!
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pop it out if you can. Ask your dealer about local airbrush shops - they fix lot damage just like this for the dealers so cars can be sold. I had a nice gouge in mine from someone being lazy pulling into the space next to me. I got it fixed for $150 - as good as new and it's impossible to see where it was done.
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If the paint has flexed, even if you can pop it out and can't see it anymore, chances are it will start to flake soon. The downside of plastic bumpers.


^^^ Yeah, that. Its the stretching that causes a problem. You can't just pop it back into place. Its like trying to reform a taffy bar after you have stretched it.


I backed into a chain link fence once. I hit right on the pole where the fence part crosses over. Anyway, i eneded up having a nice X endented on the edge of my bumper. No body shop in the world was going to fix that. It cost $350 to get it repaired. It required heating the bumper to work the dent out and then repainting. Not cheap. It just depends on where the dent is. Pulling a dent out of sheet metal is easy. Plastic stretches and sometimes needs to be heated to remove dents. Contact a body shop and get an estimate.


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