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What is the smallest wheel size

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Unfortunately no. My buddy in Kansas is selling them but he said he'd bring them home to Ohio for me if I was buying. It's too much for me to ask them (they have a little one) to haul them cross country just for a test fit.
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I think that the whole caliper and rotor wont fit within a 15 inch wheel because of being large.




Here is a picture of my 97 legacy gt with its old 15 inch wheels




offset will not make a difference either.


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i'm running 15" subaru steel wheels on my 97 GT and they clear fine. they have my 195/60/15 snow tires on them.


outback wheels will work fine too.


it sounds to me like the wheels in question are too much of a question. lots of folks sell wheels, why buy them 2 states away. unless they are almost free, and then you could always resell them .

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