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Suspension upgrades?


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I understand the dynamics of the setup, and while it can be accounted for, the design still allows for the issue to occur if you are not aware of another piece of the puzzle. the rallitek links eliminate that concern (as do the spherical links from perrin and WL). Kartboy has great stuff, but I am just not a fan of the metal links with urethane bushings any more.


nothing inherantly wrong with the links, but the design is less fool proof than the ralliteks, which is why I suggest them.


EDIT: and price




Ralliteks have less overall strength. Perrins use a spherical bearing (heim joint) that is prone to failure, corrosion, wear and NOISE. Many users experience false knock with spherical bearing style endlinks.


The problem is not in Kartboys design. The problem is in improper use, set up, adjustment and maintenance.


Kartboys are currently the most popular endlink. Not because too many people are having failures.


I dont even run Kartboy on my own car. But with all my experience with brands and racing. I feel your are mistaken.


Everything has to have a weak link. Or something else breaks. Clutch to strong, tranny goes out. Having a joint that separates prior to complete disintegration is not a bad design.


What end links are you using? I'm about to pull the trigger on your Hotchkins deal (sent you a PM) but want to make sure I have the best parts combination. Are Whitline better then the Htchkins/COBB sway bars? Do you have a photo of the sway bar locks you speak of? What diameter sway bars should I be thinking about? I've seen 22 and 25 for both front and rear.


These parts are going on my OB XT and although I will eventually get some coilovers to replace the stock setup, it won't be for the purpose of lowering the car. I don't want to turn this thing into a rigid go kart but do want to improve the over all feel of the car. I will also want to replace the control arms since my inside bushings need to be replaced. Not sure if replacing the control arms will yield anything worthwhile over the stock ones though. Any opinions/suggestions on control arms?

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I run MSI. They are no longer available.


I do use the Hotchkis bars on my own car.


it is not just about diameter, but design as well. The Hotchkis bars are hollow, all others are solid.


Sway bar locks are available from am million sources. eBay even. You just buy the size for your bar. it is just an aluminum or steel clamp ring. They are usually $10 for a pair.

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Are most people getting the Kartboy end links? What about Perrin what has been your feedback on those?


caramall2 had this to say about front end links:


I suggest the RalliTEK HD for the front (they're ball and socket type...I don't think the rigid with poly inserts are good up front due to the variation in angles, etc...just my opinion.


I'm not being the devils advocate here but I hate regretting a purchase and want to buy the best parts possible without paying for a name in the process.

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Kartboys are number 1 right now.


Perrin are no good. Spherical bearing wears fast. Makes a ton of noise. I have seen them cause false knock in two of my own cars. I do not recommend them to anyone. Maybe track duty only and even then, why? Just a poor design.

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Ok so I would go with Kartboy on the rear but what about the front? I wondered about what caramall2 said before he mentioned it. Would something like the RaliTEK HD be better up front? I think you sell some that are similar to those.


Thanks for helping me put my order together. Do you ship to Canada or only to the US. I do have an address in Renton I can use.

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m sprank


I'm ready to order the following parts from your sale.


Hotchkis sway bar set

AVO brackets

Kartboy end links


If I read correctly I can only order it through PM and pay with pay pal, is that right?


EDIT: and have shipped to the CON US

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I've used the KB endlinks for 10+ years. They are great units and I've never worn them out even on track, the newer you can get rebuild kits from KB. We've seen and fixed a lot of others. Overall, KB endlinks w/Whiteline Sways really work well for us.


Solid or ball/socket style endlinks have a tendacy to corrode/break easier/quicker than the bushing style ones.



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