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Great Deal on Satisfied Gransport GS6 Front Brake Pads @ Amazon - 2.5i's Only:(


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I decided to try these pads on my 2005 GT and thought I'd found a killer deal on the fronts at Amazon [ame=http://www.amazon.com/Satisfied-GS6-D929-GranSport-Ceramic-Racegrid/dp/B000EDOVD0/ref=au_pf_pfg_s?ie=UTF8&Model=Legacy|64&n=15684181&s=automotive&Make=Subaru|13&Year=2005|2005&carId=006]here[/ame] - $52! However, these pads are for 2.5i's only, not GT's, which require the GS6-D1114. I couldn't find the rears on Amazon so I bought them from Tire Rack which, oddly enough, doesn't carry the fronts. They sent me the GS6-D770, which doesn't match Satisfied's specified pads, the GS6-D1078. I called Satisfied and they confirmed that the 770 will work for early 2005 Legacy GT's. I'll probably end up buying the fronts at JC Whitney or elsewhere for (ugh!) $150 or so. If anyone knows of a good deal on these please let me know. In any case, 2.5i owners can score a front/rear set of these pads for <$150.
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