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Ok so COBB makes a DP for the outback XT but I can't seem to find anyone that makes an UP. I see some of you are running it but when I go to the COBB website it isn't listed.


I'm going to make a deal on an XT tomorrow and want to do the UP,DP access pro, and exhaust. I will also be doing coilovers which are easier to find.


Rear sway bar?


Please help. I know a lot of you guys say search this and that and I have but I'm coming up short. If anyone can lend a hand it would be greatly appreciated.

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RSB's are interchangeable across the board for Legacy/Outback/wagon/Sedan, turbo/NA/H6.

Some aftermarket ones may make contact with the exhaust.

06LOB2.5i MT, JDMRSB, GYTTs, HPS, LGT Mufflers & Leather Wheel, SubiMomo Knob, Inalfa Moonroof, Clutch Switch Bypass, DeDRLd, DeChimed, & Straight Headrest.
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