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New TMIC and DP

need bb

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Yesterday I installed a IPR TMIC and changed from a Cobb catted DP to the full 3" CNT catted DP. I had Infamous do an e-tune about a 1.5 years ago and everything has been running well since then. With the new mods I wanted to make sure everything was still running good and went out and did a couple 3rd gear pulls. Was about 40F outside. With the new TMIC does it makes sense to up boost target to 18psi as it is currently at 17.5psi?




run 2.csv

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Change from Cobb DP to CNT was minimal at best. IPR TMIC changed pressure drop across IC some. If you do not understand tuning, you should not play. Raising target boost is not everything. There is a lot more to it.


A re-tune is only $75. Probably something to consider if you want to optimize gains from your changes.

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