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im new here in process of rebuilding 4eat since i found check balls on magnet in pan

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so is this normal?? i wasnt sure that they were check balls but i recently discovered thats what they are, which makes me think almost that someone at the factory may have accidently dropped some in the trans or possibly someone may have pulled the valve body at one time? the car ran and drove fine, so it seemed, i was doing a trani flush and filter change for the hell of it when i found 5 or 6 check balls in stuck to the bottom of the magnet along with the rest of the sludge. Any pointers or advice would be greatly appreciated
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what the hell are check balls?


In an automatic transmission, check balls act like valves to allow fluid into certain areas in the valve body when shifts need to happen (fluid pressure moves the check balls along pre-determined paths/rails.) They are extremely tiny (like BBs) & are a SERIOUS PITA because each check ball has a certain place they need to be. I believe they are each different sizes but arevso close to each other in size and that can make a valve body job time consuming.


To the OP:

If you found check balls on the magnet, chances are that the valve body is severely damaged and you need to replace it. Pull it & be certain.

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