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What are you eating right now?


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I have seen the Beer snob thread and the what did you do for your car today thread. This is a thread about what you are eating at the present time. This is not what you have had to eat today so far or what you are going to eat but what you are shoveling into your face at this present time.



I am currently eating a Del Monte Fruit Naturals Tropical Medley (papaya & pineapple) fruit cup.


Yes I am at work and Yes I am bored.





What are you eating?

I was 0.




And I'm still a zero.



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Instant noodles marinated in exotic spices such as garlic powder and pepper cooked in a microwave...:(


Replace microwave with a real stove and it may actually come out with a good flavor.


At least while ago I did eat some saffron buns and had milk to them.

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