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Sport Compact Car is

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reporting the 2006 Lexus IS350 is going

to have 320 hp along with a new

6 speed auto with paddle shifters!


If that's the truth, it might give

a current BMW M3 SMG a run for it's money

in a straight line. Don't think it would

beat one, but it would be within a car

length in the 1/4.


I will definitely be test driving this car as

soon as it comes out.

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I agree. I'd of seriously considered the current model if they would

of given it 240+ hp from the get go.


I'm still skeptical that the 3.5 liter will actually make over 300 hp, much

less the 320 that Sport Compact Car is reporting.


Again, both Nissan/Infiniti have been making a 3.5 liter V6 for several years now

and Acura for one year, and both max out at 300 hp.


Also, if Lexus/Toyota made a 320 hp V6, it would have more

power than their 4.3 liter V8 (obviously less torque though).

But still, having their entry level car make more horsepower than

their flagship??

I'm guess the IS350 will make around 295 or so HP and like the others, somewhere

around 260-270 torque.


With a nice quick shifting 6 speed AUTO, and the entertainment of paddle shifters on the steering wheel, it could still EASILY produce low 5's (5.2 ish) to 60 and

possibly even high 13's @ 100+ mph 1/4 times.


I will still test drive it.

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i'd hope it was 320. It would be a good seller then i think. I agree it might look strange that their entry vehicle has more power than a mid class one. However it might give it the edge that it needs to stand out. Sure the mid class may have less power, but it should be considered more refined anyway. Not all out performance.
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Well, if it is 320 hp V6 then, it MIGHT be a dream luxury sport sedan.

Missing only a manual tranny and optional AWD.


As long as they don't put the electronic nannies on like they

did for the new GS and let the engine and tranny sing

to their full potential, it should be a hot car.

I love the looks, and with Lexus build and reliability, it might be a

BIG winner. And again, if priced in the mid $30K or so range, it's

going to be VERY tempting for me to get. I love AWD and the LGT, but

living in So. Cal the reality is, AWD isn't a necessity and does take away

from some fun, youthful antics, when desired.


I'll make an EARLY prediction if the car is 320 hp and 270+ torque

that it'll hit 60 mph in 5.0-5.1 seconds and

clear the 1/4 in 13.6-13.7 @ 103+ mph

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I don't know Jedi, have you driven Audi/VW's DSG tranny???


It is the ONE tranny I'd take over a manual. It is VERY fun to drive and

when stuck in bumper to bumper traffic, it's great to be able to just stick

it in regular drive and sit back and relax.


It shifts SO FAST, that acceleration times with it are faster than a professional

driver can get a 6 speed manual to do!

Sure a "regular" 6 speed auto with paddle shifters won't be as fast to react and probably won't let you take it to redline, much less INTO the redline like the DSG of Audi/VW, but with 320 hp, needing a manual isn't as important at that point.

It'll be a touch slower and a touch less entertaining to drive, but still provides

plenty of fun.


Audi/VW's DSG is so good, the all the major car manufacturers from Ferrari to BMW are trying to copy it now.

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I agree that the DSG is pretty sweet but I have yet to see it adapted to a high torque or non-transverse layout application. At least the SMG can be used in a high torque application as it does in the new M5. I was really talking about how lame it is that Lexus will only offer the IS350 with an automatic which is very different from the auto-manual transmissions that VW and BMW have. Heck dosen't the Toyota MR-S have a true automanual? Why can't they adapt that at least? Slushbox automatics are boring to me and yes I live in the D.C. area and deal with horrendous traffic daily. I think if a sports sedan is gonna be a sports sedan it needs a manual or at least an automanual.
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The DSG is on a higher powered vehicle.


The World's Fastest Supercar.

The 987 hp Bugatti Veyron (owned by VW) with VW's W-16 engine.

It uses a 7 speed DSG tranny to rip to 60 in under 3.0 seconds and onto

186 mph in 14.0 seconds and onto a top speed of 252 mph.


It'll only be time before EVERY manufacturer copies VW/Audi's DSG tranny and

puts them on their cars as well.


But think about Lexus...they aren't exactly a performance oriented company.

So, like Toyota, they are always YEARS behind the times when it comes to

technological advances. They seem more content sitting back letting everyone

else develop new technologies and THEN they just copy it and make it very well (as said before, it's cheaper and easier to copy originals, than to BE original).


I'm guessing Toyota/Lexus will have a DSG type tranny in about 5-7 years.

Ferrari will have one in the next two years, followed by others.


I also agree, automanuals (tiptronics) are kinda boring, especially ones where

you have to uses the shift lever, and the "buttons" that the LGT has aren't much

better, they are slow to react. Paddles behind the steering wheel can and are

much more entertaining. True it's not the best case scenario, but for

Lexus it's a big step toward a more performance oriented car.

And with a butter smooth 320 hp V6 sending power to the rear wheels, it will

be a VERY QUICK car in a straight line, and I'm sure they plan on bettering

the already very good handling of the current IS300 too.

Should make for a nice cruiser and canyon carving bruiser too. WRX STI levels...no but with 320 hp and a (I'm sure) well balanced RWD platform, it'll better a stock LGT easily in all but bad weather conditions, and

require the LGT to be Stage 2 plus have tire, suspension and brake upgrades to (more than likely) keep up on a canyon run.

I love the LGT, and but there's something to be said for smooth, naturally aspirated

RWD power too.


As I said, I'll have to take an extended test drive and see.

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