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2005 Stage 3 Outback XT STI Seats


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I love that two tone look. Thats one of the best color combo. I wouldn't paint it. The green and gray from the Impreza OB is really nice also.


How hard was it to put in the sti seats? does the air bag harness bolt up?


One thing that I would really like is for a company to make is a decent ob lip kit.


I agree on the lip kit, I have wanted one of those for a while but not sure about the look with the chunkier bumpers.....


As far as the seats go here is the info, I started in about page 2-3....




The 2008 and up seats bolt right in (newer STI is basically legacy platform) but the airbag plugs do not work so airbag lights would be on.


The 2004-2005 seats (not sure about 2006-2007) you have to swap bottom seat frame from your seats to the STI seats but the airbags and everything plug right in


2004-2005 seatbacks bolt right up to our bottom seat frame

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Here are some updated pics. Ill try to get some good ones and get all the old links fixed one of these days.....


You will notice that some of the pics are when I first put the STI wheels on and before I lowerd it another inch or so.


The more lowered pics are the way it sits now.


Also a photo of my newly acquired Cobb Catback exhaust in place of the autospeed which is for sale.









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What tire size again? 225/50/18?


Fenders rolled too, right?

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245x45x18 which is the exact same size as stock outback at 225x55x17


When I lowered it some more in the pics above I did have to roll the rear fenders.


Used a eastwood roller and it took maybe 30 min per side.


If you keep it at the other height in the pics it does not need to be rolled.


I used a 5x100 to 5x114 15 mm custom made billet spacer by Adaptec Speedware/Motorsport-Tech


Hubcentric on both hub and wheel mount. Very solid


This made the offset 40

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Megan coil overs, right?


I THINK I could get those tires to clear my Bilsteins, but I'll have to measure.


I'd probably mount Conti Extreme DW's on them, since it never really gets below 40F here. I think that tire runs a little wider than the pilot sport as+

[URL="http://legacygt.com/forums/showthread.php/proper-flip-key-interesti-159894.html"]Flip Key Development Thread[/URL] "Genius may have its limitations, but stupidity is not thus handicapped." - E. Hubbard
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Nope, BC/BR coilovers with outback specific cartridges. Purchased from import image racing


If I were buying the BC's though I would get legacygt cartridges. When I lowered mine some more they were at the very end of the threads.


In a few weeks though I will be removing the Outback XT spacers and putting in the legacygt pieces. Then I can raise it up 1 inch so it will be the same height as it is now but the outback spacers will be gone :) YEA!



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We should have a car clean up party and photo shoot the week before scoobapalooza


I'm sure we could arrange that but I don't think I'm gonna be able to make it to Scoobapalooza :(

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