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2005 Stage 3 Outback XT STI Seats


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Updated Build info, picking up car from Cobb Plano Aug 28th with new motor and tune. Car right at 250K


Updated Tune Aug 2015



August 2011








Car: 2005 Outback XT

Tuner: Calvin Dotson Cobb Tuning Plano TX

Dyno Info: Mustang

Temp: OLD-55-65F New-65-70

Sea Level: Aprox 1000 FT

Fuel: E85 105 octane/ 93 Octane



Tuned by Calvin Dotson Cobb Tuning Plano TX

Cobb Ver 2 AP w Access Tuner Race

350 whp (E85) TMIC 385 whp (E85) FMIC

373 wtq (E85) TMIC 423 wtq (E85) FMIC

304 whp (93) TMIC 350 whp (93) FMIC

317 wtq (93) TMIC 360 wtq (93) FMIC

AVO380 (Garrett 2871r)

AVO Wastegate Actuator

Cobb Turbo Heat Shield

Turbo Blanket

Prodrive EBCS




AVO Throttle Body Hose

Cobb Cold Air Intake

Perrin Turbo Inlet

Aeromotive Stealth 340 LPH Fuel Pump

Aeromotive Fuel Pressure Regulator

Aeromotive Oil filled Fuel Gauge

07 STI Fuel Pump Control Module

ID 1000cc Top Feed Injectors and Conversion (Bosch)

Custom Fuel Lines

Cobb Catted DownPipe DEI Wrapped

Cobb Catback LegacyGT 3" Exhaust

Grimmspeed UP DEI Wrapped

Grimmspeed Ported Exhaust Manifolds

Grimmspeed High Flow Crossover DEI Wrapped

Crawford V2 AOS

Cobb Lightweight Crank Pulley

Gates Racing Blue Timing Belt

Grimmspeed Radiator Shroud

Koyo Racing Aluminum Radiator VH2778

Samco Radiator Hoses

Braille B3121 Light Weight Battery

Motul Xcess 5w 40 Synthetic


Cobb Stage 2 Motor- Cobb/Watt Built:

07 STI Block, 07 STI Forged Crank, Manley Platinum 2618 Forged Pistons

Manley Turbo Tuff H-Beam Rods, STI 11mm Oil Pump, Killer B P/U Tube

STI bearings, ARP Rod and Head bolts

Grimmspeed TGV Deletes



08 STI 6 Speed

DCCDPro DCCD Controller

08 STI DCCD Switches

07 STI R180 Torsen

08 Spec B Rear Axels

Spec B Driveshaft

STI Spec B Short Throw Shifter

COBB Short Throw Shifter Lever

STI Shifter Bushings

STI Group N Tranny Mount

STI Group N Motor Mounts

STI Pressure Plate

STI Clutch

08 STI Flywheel

Subaru Extra-S gear oil F&R




Cobb Rear Sway Bar

Cobb Front Sway Bar

Cobb Sway Bar Bushings F/R

Kartboy Endlinks F/R

Racecomp Tarmac 1 Coilers

Subtle Solutions 1" lift spacers



Stoptech ST40 BBK

LGT Rear Brake Calipers

Stop tech Street Performance Pads

Stop tech 2 piece rotors Aluminum hats

Centric Rear rotors

Stop tech SS Brake Lines

Motul RB600 Fluid



2007 Spec B Radio MP3, Aux Input, Satellite Control

2007 Spec B Console Cubby Aux input for Iphone

Subaru Sirius Satellite Radio Module

Subaru Factory under seat Sub Woofer X2



STI Pedals

STI 3 Gauge Pack in Cubby

STI Front Seats 05

STI Alcantara in Rear Seats

Cobb Shift Knob

Spec b shift surround plate STI badge

Redline Leather shift boot

Redline Leather brake lever boot

STI DCCD Controls

Auto dimming Homelink Mirror

Innovate LC-1 Wideband

VBG1 v1.05 AFR and Boost Gauge

Passport X50




Window Tint Front 35% Rear 20%

Volt HID Kit with DRL Disabled

Toshiba HIR High Beams

STI Badge

JDM Outback Bumper with Exhaust Cutouts

Legacy GT Rear Bumper Beam

Michelin Pilot Super Sport Summer Tires

2011 18" STI Enkei Wheels

5x100 to 5x114 15mm Adaptec Speedware/Motorsport-Tech Adapters

Winter Setup: 17" Rota wheels and Blizzack tires 5x100 225x55x17










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Greg, wow I had no idea you were putting that much work into the OB XT! Aside from the color, I would want everything you've done for my car. Too bad I spend my $$ on other habits. :(


Next step, shave the roof! You don't need that roof rack do you?


Awesome car. Has the car been trouble free on all those 141,000 miles? It looks better than new!

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Pretty much trouble free, I had a bad wheel sensor once in the winter it was packed with snow. I replaced the turbo at 112,000 BEFORE it would have likely failed.


I also had a throw out bearing starting to make noise as it was going bad. So thats when I replaced the clutch.

Word to the wise here, if your TO bearing starts making noise in the cold weather or otherwise, get it replaced ASAP, as it will damage the tranny snout if you don't. As soon as mine made noise I yanked the transmission.


Other than that not really any other problems.


I do use the rack once in a while so really need it to stay.....

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^ Ive never totaled it up :p, I dont think I want to know. Its been spread out over 6.5 years if thats any consolation. :spin:


I will say this, almost everything on this car was purchased used, or a great deal from a vendor, or Subaru Bucks from using my credit card with work.


My last car a 1997 Jeep Cherokee that was lifted and modded out had 175,000 on it when I sold it on ebay for 9000.


I put that as a big down payment on the Outback when I purchased it.


Its been fun, and I do plan on keeping it for quite some time.

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Going to hold off a bit... Got two big projects ahead of me! Took a break from building the wife's wagon to build my car, then I scored a deal on a dyno with Christian from Cobb so now I'm building both! STi seats are still in my future. :D
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Very clean outback you have going there. Definently a sleeper. I want that rear bumper if i could ever find one cheap, but i doubt it




My Install Write Up



Its went up a few hundred dollars since I bought it. Plus I got a discount from the OLD prices listed being a LGT member.

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Thanks again everyone for the compliments.

Ill be putting the matching Blue Alcantara in the factory back seat cover soon.

I am going to take the stock rear seat covers off and my wife is going to sew the Alcantara in where we take the tweed out.


Ill post pics as soon as I get it done.

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