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My Fuel Line Adventure...

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So the other day I realized my fuel lines were leaking very badly. Unfortunately the lines that rotted out are the ones that run over the tank.


I have the tank supported by a floor jack and a piece of wood so I can get at the lines and replace them. I'm going with high pressure rubber line instead of the stock setup. Subaru has rubber lines that come out of the tank that feed into steel lines, then the steel lines feed back into rubber lines before going back into steel lines that run under the rear seats. This setup has proved very cumbersome to repair so I'm just going to run the high pressure rubber hoses all the way from the tank to the roll-over valve and inside the car.


I figured while I'm at it I'll solve my filler neck problem once and for all. Its been leaking on and off for quite some time now. Everytime I fix is the leak comes back a month or so later. This time I took the neck into work and cleaned it up with an offset grinder and some 120 grit grinding discs, a wire wheel, and some Scotch-Brite. Turns out I was trying to fix the wrong area. The entire lower section of filler neck looks like Swiss cheese. I have three options...

1) Cut the filler neck and replace a section using radiator hose.

2) Cut out the damaged section of filler neck and weld 18 guage sheet metal to make a new section of filler neck

3) Coat the entire damaged section with JB Weld.


I don't know what I'm going to do yet but I'm probably going to wind up replacing the filler neck anyway. This repair will hopefully just be temporary.


Any ideas?

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#1 is out. Radiator hose isn't rated for fuel or oil. It'll blister, then fail.


Do #2.

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