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Subaru Legacy problem


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My son has a automatic Subaru Legacy 1994 BG5, the problem happened a week ago, he was driving on the road the car stopped by itself (was still on) when he pressed the accelerator there was a loud bang and the car did not move.


Now it does not matter what gear the car is in , when the accelerator is pressed both the speedometer and RPM meter change but the car is does not move. We checked the transmission fluid and that's ok.


When he gears are changed from example drive to the park gear there's kind of a grinding noise for about a second.


Before this happened the car had a bit of a problem changing the gears slowly when you change the gears from reverse to drive.


Can anyone please give me any ideas?

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Search for vacation pix and find the year you might like to go on vacation. I bet there are pages and pages of automatic transmission information in that photo album.


Auto transmissions are super complex, fixing them yourself beyond a simple solenoid change or band adjustment would be amazing. Bringing them somewhere at the car's age might not be worth it. A salvage trans might be the most cost effective alternative in this case. The loud bang, grinding, and nothing happening when you step on the gas tell me it's not going to be pretty.


But look at the 1994 vacation pix, it will give you more self-tests than you would ever want to get to the bottom of the problem...

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