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What head gaskets did you pick?

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Headgaskets went today :(


To date I've literally replaced anything and everything that can go on this motor and since I've owned it Ive only driven it 2k miles


So heres my question, what headgaskets did you pick? Should I get subaru ones or an aftermarket brand. I usually always go oem when I can but since these engines seem to eat subarus headgaskets wouldnt I just be setting myself up in 70k miles? Do any headgaskets last longer than subaru ones or do they all go the same time?



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I don't own an EJ25, nor have I ever, but I would say that your best bet would be custom aftermarket gaskets. You can send old gaskets to various companies online and tell them that you want custom gaskets made to the stock OEM thickness. These companies typically make thicker gaskets designed for turbocharged or extremely high performance (Drag/race) engines. They will make you a top quality head gasket for top quality pricing, but if you're just using this car as a daily driver you will likely never have to worry about them again.


As for exiting aftermarket gaskets that you can buy outright, I have no opinions since I have never had to replace EJ25 gaskets. I think that Subaru has replacement gaskets that supposedly don't exhibit the same problems as the original factory gaskets, but I'm not sure how well they actually perform.


Your best bet would be to wait for an EJ25 owner who has "Been there, done that." I just wanted to put in my 2 cents about custom aftermarket gaskets to give you more options.


Good luck! :)

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