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plastic sub box window cloudy


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i have an audiobahn sub and en-closer in my car. it has a plastic window in the front that protects the sub, and makes it so you can see the sub and black-light in the box. picture at the bottom. i decided to take off the plastic and clean it. my mom told me that a scotch brite pad wouldn't scratch it so i used that and windex. after cleaning it, the plastic looks horrible! its all fogged up and cloudy and you can barely see through it! what did i do, and how can i fix it?




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In the future only use a soft, lint free cloth for stuff like this (like the small swatches that come with sunglasses or larger ones like in HDTV cleaning kits).
No, the name has nothing to do with bragging about 20 inch wheels...
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or you could try a headlight polishing kit



i was thinking of a headlight polish kit.ill try polish compound and if that doesnt work ill that.


is there a way to hook up an amp to the stock headunit in an 05' legacy? but not using a cleansweep. i was trying to see if maybe there was a RCA the speaker wire cable or something? not sure if that would work, just throwing out ideas.



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