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Higher Mileage 06 GT Limited? Opinions


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Hey guys, I'm going to check out an 06 GT Limited 5MT with 113k miles on the clock this sunday. It was an Arizona car (a big plus considering I'm in MI and it hasn't seen a winter yet) and the original owner drove it back and forth between Indiana and Arizona to visit family, which is why theres so many miles on it. He claims they're mostly highway miles.


I've talked with him and gotten the price down to ~$1000 below bluebook value at $11k. From the pics, the car looks beautiful. VERY clean. Timing belt and water pump have been done, new clutch at 90k miles, and all scheduled maintenance has been done on time. All of these things were done by a subaru dealership.


I would love to find an 05 with lower miles, but I only have about a week to pick something up and i'm finding that those are hard to come by in my price range ($10-12k).


My question though, is should I be wary of high mileage LGTs? Did the 06's have the banjo bolt issue? and should I be expecting to replace the turbo sometime soon?


I'm looking for a car thats going to last me a couple years here, so if you have any thoughts on why I should or shouldn't pick up a higher mileage LGT limited let me know!

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Yea I wish I weren't so crunched for time. I just missed out on an 88k mile lgt for 9 and a 81k mile for 10k. These cars are perfect IMO, but its just really hard to find one. I'm already driving 2.5 hours to see the one described above.
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If it's well maintained it's probably worth the look. I purchased a used turbo for $350 with 18k on it and replaced my turbo with the help of another on the forum at 90kish.


I'd recommend the same if you purchase the car.


how are the lower control arm bushings? another thing I just had to replace on mine.


oh....and I've got 156k on mine.

258k miles - Stock engine/minor suspension upgrades/original shocks/rear struts replaced at 222k/4 passenger side wheel bearings/3 clutches/1 radiator/3 turbos
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Found one for 10k with 84k miles on it. I'm praying its still there when we call in the morning. I decided to pass on the higher milage one for now. I may come back to it later.

probably a good choice

make sure the dealer is not shady...


before i bought my car, i had the chance to buy a 05 LGT 5MT SWP black interior, 1 of 129...the exact combo i want!


car had like 60 or 80k on it

but the dealer looks real shady


a few months later, someone came onto this forum and said his car is overheating or some serious problem...turns out to be that particular car...

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