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Question: Fog light install on 2009 2.5i with no dashboard knob

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Question: How hard/easy would it be to install the OEM fog kit on an 2009 2.5i legacy that does not have the fog light switch on the headlight dashboard knob? do they sell the knobs with the fog light switch? and how hard would that be to install?... wondering if it is worth my time or if this is going to lead to a crazy electrical fiasco
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2009 Fog Light Kit (H4510fG000):



The fog light switch is incorporated in the replacement turn signal switch that comes in the kit.



I bought the same kit, and installed the signal switch and relays just fine. When I went to install the actual fog lights, I could not seem to find the wires that connect to the fog lights. Wires do not come in the kit, so I figured they would be on the car already.

Am I missing something that is right infront of me, or do I need to install the wiring as well? Any help is greatly appreciated!


Thanks for starting this thread!

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Install complete! The wires were tucked away near the radiator but I got to them easily and hooked them up to the new fog lights.


Again, I am so glad that this thread was here, and thank you jpapanas for the extra push to find the wires.


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!

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just try google/ebay for this part 83115AG142 - you may also need the relay too...


For example:



I think the 2.5i switch - without the fog light dial - is 83115AG131

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Is there a wiring diagram for the wires going to the turn signal stalk. Looking to install my own switch for the the fogs instead of replacing the turn signal stalk.


Also I know the fuse for the fog lights is installed, is that relay already there too?



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The subaru fog light kit comes with a relay, and the instructions show where to install the relay inside the car, so I'm guessing the relay is not already there.


By the way, subaru calls the turn signal stalk a "combination switch" in the factory service manual.




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