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question on radios?


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The 14-pin power/speaker harness and antenna connection will be plug-and-play for any Outback HU up to and including 2004, Impreza up to 2007, or Forester to 2008.


All of those should be standard double-DIN size, so you can install by re-using your OEM brackets.


Does your Outback have the OEM subwoofer in the back (near the hatch)? Some newer Outback HUs still have the 5th-channel speaker output necessary to drive that. The P128 and P130 do (model numbers printed on the front).


Some also include pins for a phone car kit (or OnStar) audio input. I can make harness to connect to that.


For the newer HUs that have an aux input, I can build an adapter harness with RCA jacks or a 3.5mm jack to use that. E-mail me for details (click on my username, or see my homepage).

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