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hlep me..

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it's not as simple as just buying the screen. You need to buy the entire navigational unit. The screen is only one piece to the puzzle. I believe all the wiring is there, so if you got everything it would be fairly easy plug and play... might have to run a couple of auxiliary harnesses.


Another option would be to buy a kit that will allow you to put an aftermarket stereo in that spot (not sure if it's double or single din) and then go that route with a screen.

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Thank you for your response to the objective


I am from Saudi Arabia .. my car is 2008 Legacy

Not need the screen for Maps

I just want to put camrae back, play music

There are those who do it to me in Saudi Arabia

I just want to know the places of sale and prices

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.....who are they and what are they doing to you?!?


Its okay, you're safe with us....




I mean I have friends specialists in the installation of screens


I just want to know where to find the screen with full cables:rolleyes:

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