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V5 or V6 STI TMIC on 96 RSB w/ V6 Sti motor

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Hey guys,


Hopefully I haven't missed a thread as I was having trouble finding anything like what I'm after.


In true kiwi fashion I'm DIY and don't want to fork out to have a mechy charge me to do what asking a few questions will solve.


The TMIC I've got has the alloy Y flange with Rubber L at the end and the STI BOV. That's about it. I can't remember whether it was V5 or 6 and I'm not sure it matters either. Let me know if it does and I'll call the guy up for the details.


As far as I was told I need a bracket to fit the STI TMIC. Is there a link with the dimensions and/or plans of the bracket so I don't have to mess about in the garage all afternoon measuring. Is it possible to buy a bracket for the job in Australasia?


Is there anything else I have to do before I rip the old one off and charge in? IS there any tuning I have to do after it's fitted?


Also while I'm here, do EJ20s actually burn out when you work them too much? The Subaru parts specialist I bought the car off said FMICs, pod filters, after market BOVs would fry it like so many other Subys he's seen come in for replacement motors.


Cheers to everyone who puts in some time helping. I'll have a beer for you when it's done.

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I dont know about the bracket. You can probably find pictures on google to give you an idea of what to make.


The ej20 doesnt have any problems. But most of the time when people throw 25psi at a stock motor and redline it every shift something is going to give. It doesnt matter what you put on the motor, its whether you take care of it or not. And if you build a motor do it right, start with internals and then slap a bigger turbo on it.

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