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How do KYB struts fare as OEM replacement units ?


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I am looking for replacement struts. I am operating on the tightest of budgets having already paid over 5000 dollars this year in all sorts of Desktop PC; timing belts; water pumps; CarPC; then CarPC screen; shotgun trigger assembly; replacements as things just all broke down throoughout the year. So don't tell me about Bilsteins cause I will have a nervous breakdown. My toys' and toys' maintenance budget is very very much done for the year.


I need struts on OEM springs. So not stiffer springs, not lowered, no nothing. Simple as that. I do not want them any worse than stock. Will KYB GR-2 fit the bill or I need to get oem units from Subaru (which my understanding is that they are KYBs). Anyone has any experience good, bad, ambivalent with them ? Are they reliable ?



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I don't belong on this thread, and shouldn't assume anything on Legacy's, but on Outbacks, there are different model KYB's for 00-04 vs 05-09. And they are roughly interchangeable physically. You could research things with KYB to see if some model of their shock would be better than another. Don't expect them to say which one is "better," they won't condone putting the "wrong" shock on your car, but you can ask how one compares to the other in rebound and compression. And since they probably made your OEM shocks, you can even ask them to compare their aftermaket units to the OEM. Be prepared to give them part #'s of the OEM (possibly from opposedforces.com, right off the unit, or maybe from cars101). I couldn't tell you if the spec C has different shocks (or springs) from other GT's, but that might factor in. Do your homework.


As an example, several 05-09 Outback owners are buying the rear KYB's for 00-04's instead of the KYB's spec'ed for the 05-09's. Apparently significantly stiffer compression and possibly rebound too.


Be skeptical and ask a lot of questions. CALL THEM, don't only email. KYB techs are probably sick and tired of answering questions about Subaru's, but challenge their answers if they are weak. Also, there are Euro / Pacific-spec KYB's that are possibly a LOT different in performance, but you might have to buy different tophats or something.


Good luck

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