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AC pulley - electric plug ?


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Hi there

I have very little mechanical inclination, so ill probably use some wrong terms here but bear with me.


I have a 05 Legacy GT 5MT. About a year ago, i had an issue with one of the belts (the one that goes around the AC pulley?) and it ended up loosening and as a result, a plug (looks like a harness type connector) that goes behind the pulley got ground up in such a way that the pulley would stop getting power in different moments. I would wiggle it and it would snap/make contact and the pulley would start moving. Basically the plug ended up breaking off completely so now the AC's fan runs but doesnt turn on the compressor. Ill snap a pic of the pieces as soon as im out of class. It seems like a very simple solution, switching out the plug for a new one, but god knows if you cant probably just get the plug and need to order a whole huge expensive part just to have that new plug.

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