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Hey Fella's (and gals if your out there),


Just started my audio build last week and I thought I'd post up some of the stuff I've been doin'.


I've got a 99 LGT. I will be putting in a pretty big system by most peoples standards. Should be good. Here goes...


Head -

Kenwood KDCBT945U


Amps -

Image Dynamics Q700.2 (front stage)

Image Dynamics Q1200.1 (Sub)

Image Dynamics Q1200.1 (Also sub)


Speakers -

Image Dynamics XS65 (Front speakers / components)


Sub -

Exile Audio BIG15


System backup -

(2) Stinger Power2 SPP1200 batteries (one in front and one in back)


The vast majority of my wires and components will be StreetWires. The first project I undertook for my system that I thought you guys my enjoy is my tweeter mod.


I installed a pair of Image Dynamics XS28 28mm silk dome tweeters. So if you are familiar with the factory Subie tweet pods in the mirror sail you'll see where I'm going with this.


I took the stock grills out of the sails and hogged them out with a Dremel tool. I wanted the tweeters to be service friendly and since the XS28's come with screw on grills I used that to my advantage. I mounted the flush grills to the modded mirror sails with CA (Cyano-Acrylate).


From here I took and reinforced the open section where the stock grill would go with some small pieces of laminated wood (also applied with CA). The modded sails got masked off so the new grill would fit in after the panels were finished. I started by cleaning them up with some Rage Body filler (Bondo tends to shrink and sucks comparatively)

NOTE: Surface prep is über important! Clean and sand the panel before you apply body filler or else it won't stick.


It took quite a few layers of filler to get the desired finish I wanted.



I started using polyester glazing putty (super fine body filler) and automotive grade High Build Primer to clean up the super small holes in the panel since I want this panel to be worthy of paint after I'm done.



Now since i want this to appear stock I also applied a texture coating. SEM has a fantastic texturing paint)


I also did a very light sanding afterwards with 400grit. I barely touched the panels, basically just running the paper over the panel while letting my hand remain and inch or so above the piece. This allows the very sharpest points of the texture to be lessened without destroying the effect, thus giving the stock texture.


Then I painted the panels with SEM Trim Black. Nice thing here besides the stock appearance is that if the panel ever gets buggered up I can just repaint the panels with the good 'ole rattle can.



As I said before the XS28 tweeters screw in as I intended them to SWEET!!! Now, these mega tweets don't just pop in... in fact they're rather girthy so I needed to mod the snap in panel that holds the stock tweet. Off to my trusty Dremel tool again.


And for the money shot...






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Very nice! What are you using for your rear fill?


No rear fill. Straight staging. SQ front and SPL rear. The BIG15 will be ported through the rear deck while the sub will face forward behind the seat and sealed off from the rear of the car to limit cancellation. In laymen's terms, I'm potentially "walling off" my sedan.


I may choose to add some fill down the road. But I think I'd rather improve my front stage before adding fill first. That being the case I'm saving room for a second Q700.2 to allow for vertical bi-amping in which case I'd run one channel to each driver, Have a left amp and right amp to compensate for stereo corruption, and boost the power to give myself an absurd amount of headroom.


Thanks for the interest 98quiksilvergt :)

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Eh prolly not that bad but I am a little concerned about the windows not having any metal around them like most regular cars. My windows will jiggle quite a bit. should do some damage though :D my goal is 145dB we'll see where I stand. Guy I know has an RTA available so I'm hoping to have my front stage finished first so I can O-scope it then run it through an RTA and see where I stand. I'm not gonna run any processor for the time being so it should be interesting to see where I stand.
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