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5 Speed Transmission Problems - 95 Legacy L

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Recently had the clutch replaced this summer, and after about 2K miles started getting a bit of a grinding noise when the clutch was engaged, it goes away when the clutch is disengaged (pedal pressed down). My brother (who is a Lexus tech) listened to it and reasoned it to be the throwout bearing. We replaced that this weekend with a brand new Subaru part, but it had absolute no effect on the noise. (It should be noted though, that the bearing that came out was pretty bad anyways, it was brand new as of the clutch replacement). The fluid that came out was glittery, although he said he's seen a lot worse.


We used a stethoscope to listed to the trans and the grinding gets significantly more pronounced as you head towards the rear of the transmission. Again, it goes away completely when the clutch pedal is pressed.


I'm reasoning at this point that the transmission is hosed, although I thought I'd post in case anyone has ideas. Fluid level is bueno, and the throwout bearing is brand spanking new. He also said the pilot bearing was still buttery smooth and didn't have any play.


There's definitely a good bit of noise at driving speeds, the noise seems to be RPM dependant as if your sitting in neutral and give it gas the grinding sounds more pronounced. It's ESPECIALLY bad in the morning before the car has moved any, driving it 30 or 40 yards significantly reduces the noise overall.

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Ok, well, transmission is hosed. I'm looking at the following;


1.) Best price I've seen on a used one, $400 for one with over 200K, I don't like it

2.) Reman trans for $865, brother will put it in no charge (auto tech by trade)

3.) Rebuilt at a shop for 765+parts, who knows what needs to be replaced

4.) Sell the Subaru, I don't like this either.


Basically, what Subaru's can I pull a 5 speed (or 6?) out of that will bolt into my 95 Legacy. I would assume any Legacy's from the same generation, but anything else?

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