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Homelink HELPPPP!!


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OK, so i recently purchased a homelink mirror for my 2005 legacy gt sedan and unfortunately i was one of the unfortunate ones that is unable to simply plug and play as most of you do. The problem i am having is connecting the homelink to the wiring above the map lights. Unfortunately i do not have the (10 pin) wire running from the homelink up to the map light. I have a gentex 313 homelink mirror, and was wondering if any of you could chime in and provide me with a solution to my problem, or even offer the wiring that connects the two. I have included picture for you to better understand my dilemma. thanks for looking




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Yes, it came off another members 2005 legacy gt wagon, which makes me believe that the previous owner held out on me, but for what reason i am unsure? Why would someone keep that and send out the actual hardware, without the supporting connectors? Is there any way around this, i even contacted the people who sell them for gentex and they said that due to liability they were unable to sell harnesses separately, what a bunch of BS? Anyone else who can chime in and help out.??
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