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Any shop out there fix forged rims ?


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I've asked couple of shop in my area, mostly tire and wheel shops, if they could repair my rims. All have said no, wont even touch them . They are Volk te37 anodized bronze. They have some curb rash, and a small dent, not enough to cause air leaks.


All the shops in my area NYC/Westchester refuse to work on forged rims, is there any place to have them shipped to that is knowledgeable at fixing these rims?



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Wheels America will fix forged wheels:




Whether or not they're any good is another question. My dealer had them refinish my wheels for the known corrosion problem. They were supposed to call me to discuss color options before starting but they didn't and ended up going with a close-to-stock color. Seems like they did a good job otherwise. They fixed some bad curb rash while they were at it and I can't tell where it happened anymore. To their credit, they did offer to redo them when I called, but I decided it wasn't worth it. They have multiple locations, so I'd call around until you find a location that you get a good vibe from.

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