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Need to know if use 2 old tires that are 1-2yrs old is safe to use for track


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I got these pair of Sumitomo HTR ZII that are remnants of my previous car thats been sitting in my storage unit for 1-2 years. These tires happen to be the same size of my tires on my legacy. They have been wrapped in Saran Wrap or Cellophane wrapped really tightly and then stored in a 42 gallon trash bag and stored in dark place. There is really good treadlife on these tires still. I was wondering if it is safe to use on the track. Also I am planing on buying 2 new tires of the exact same brand and model. What should I do?


Please help me out.

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You are aware of the fact that tires should have the same rolling diameter (front and rear, left and right), to avoid damage to your differentials. There is a permissible difference, use this as a guideline. You may be able to do what you plan on doing, provided you ask a shop to wear down your new tires to match the used ones' rolling diameter.


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