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Forget the packing tape Porsche, check out the parking lot system !

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That would make MONEY in down town Chicago. Millennium Park Garage would actually have parking spots even when you are willing to pay 30 bucks...for a spot.



If you could get that built, in downtown Chicago, for less that $100,000,000, then maybe. I doubt that would be feasible. And that's assuming you could pay off the valet union. Which is even more of a stretch.

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Looks great. No door dings or bumper scrapes.


Of course, I'd love to see the eventual mistake footage such as the confused senior citizen hitting the gas instead of the brake and launching into the rear wall followed by the maintenance guy scratching his head. Then there is the broken token machine scenario: "what do you mean my car is stuck underground and I can't get it until tomorrow?!!!!"

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