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new radar detector by Escort incorporates GPS navigation


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Some interesting stuff about the antenna horn orientation/configuration - the antenna is a standard M4, but it's "pointed funny," due to the physical constraints of the unit. No-one really as-yet have a good idea as to what this may imply, in terms of performance, both quantitative as well as "real-world."


Sadly, it's only VG-2 cloaked...which in the RDD game means absolutely nothing. :lol:


The bells-and-whistles are intriguing - enthusiasts/hobbyists, aside from the Escort faithful, currently see nothing truly game-changing about this unit (as-based on its *currently* released features) aside from the fact that it may allow them to combine two instruments in one: but those to whom even this appeals somewhat carry reservations as to how well the GPS will be implemented. That the GPS will be consolidated with the Defender Database is a giant plus, for those of us who live in fixed-camera threat areas...but if the standard GPS functions cannot compete with now very affordable in-cabin standalone units from the powerhouses like Garmin and TomTom, there's not going to be many who will seek this unit, particularly given its price.


The one agreed-upon thing about this unit, that truly stands out, from a speed-detection countermeasures enthusiasts'/hobbyists' point of view?


It integrates display of SpecMode with ExpertMode, in fully rendered bright color, no-less. This display also addresses one of the biggest complaints of the ExpertMeter in that it's been limited by display resolution to 4X/2K/2Ka - this display can show 4 segments of the same band. Ancillary to that is the display of TrueLock'ed signals as gray bars.


Whether or not glare-during-operation will be the undoing of this unit, as well as how well the GPS will be implemented, are definitely going to be a determinant as to how well the unit sells, even to the lay public.


Whether or not the unit is responsive to Quick-Trigger (historically the undoing of Escort/Bel products of the last half-decade or so), as well as the potential for future integration of advanced features (i.e. band-segmentation) ... and potentially even a "locator" development (given the expiring patent of Valentine Research) - that's what most enthusiasts are looking at.


The display is certainly a step forward, in terms of the information it conveys, when it comes to encounters.

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