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5th gear popping out -Under warranty ??


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The story. (sorry for my english...)


My car is at the dealer for two days now for a 5th gear whos popping out when no gas, or decellarating. like around 80-120 km/h (45-60 mph)

So I have a full certified warranty from Subaru (1 month left), and since now everything was perfect, cause last winter, they pretty much rebuild the whole tranny due to a the constant sound. They even replace the center diff.


But since this summer, the 5th gear is popping out about 3/4 of the time. The thing is that the dealer told me that an adjuster from Subaru need to come by and see the car to tell if the problem is under warranty ?? This morning, the adjuster came, and the story stays the same way. They need to remove and open the tranny to investigate the problem or the cause, after that they will tell me if its under warranty......One thing that bothering me, is that I've changed the clucht last year (was gone) and replace it with a Bully with a ceramic disk (got a good deal on it, can pass on it). So I'm hoping that they will not say that I've installed non-OEM stuff, that may cause failure in the tranny and tha warranty wont pay... The bill will be pretty high...

I did some searching around the net and found this. Loose Main shaft nut.




Have you ever experienced this or heard of ?? Also, if it's really the problem, I dont see why the clutch can cause that failure ?

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