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ACT clutch woes


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Howdy folks,


2005 LGT, stock. After changing the stock clutch that went at 55k to ACT HD Street Clutch with ACT LWF w/TSK3 from Fredbeans I encountered a few problems I need your help with:


1. Tweeting from the TOB when in neutral, stops if small pressure is applied to the clutch pedal. Seems to be the issue fixed in this thread:



2. Popping /rattling coming from the pedal box. Both clutch and brake pedal make a clicking noise.

After reading a few threads, it looks like I have a combination of these two problems:





Would the TOB still make tweeting noise with this setup if the TSK3 kit was properly installed? TSK has clips to attach it to the fork, and I'm wondering if my local mechanic screwed up installing these clips. Thoughts?

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I'm planning to do that, but I'm afraid to pay for another round of clutch labor when they take it apart and claim that there is nothing wrong with it.


Assuming that the squealing TOB is a separate known and fixable issue from the pedal pop/click/rattle, what should I have them look at to diagnose and fix it? Loose fork and linkage or pedal adjustment? They half-assed looked at it before and concluded that the pedal assembly wasn't sturdy enough to handle the HD PP, which doesn't seem to be the issue for anyone else here. I'm torn between having the same shop crack it open to try to fix it and hopefully waive the labor, or to take it to someone with more expertise who is able to fix it. I'm also ready to throw an oem clutch in at this point, but the $800 I paid for the ACT setup a few months back is not pocket change.

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Major bummer. Subscribed for resolution to your problem. I also have an '05 LGT and at 54k miles (2 years and 21k miles ago) replaced the stock clutch with the ACT HD and '06 WRX OEM FW. It has been a great setup for me both in daily driving and occasional track or dragracing days. Since day 1 though I've had a small occasional loose clunky feeling in the pedal only when starting from stop and under very light throttle. Doesn't sound like anything you are experiencing. Good luck, man.

My '05 LGT

My '07 Supercharged Shelby

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Had the original mechanics lube the fork pivot and install the fork return spring/bracket. TOB squeel is gone, pedal feels like the looseness is gone and does not creak. There is still a small clicking noise coming from brake pedal and clutch, but I think it's a separate infamous brake pedal click "feature". What I thought was pedal rattle turned out to be the dash rattle "feature". Not going to worry about the minor click unless it gets worse.
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