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I am contemplating putting on a Cold Air Intake or a Short Ram Intake onto my 1998 Legacy 2.5GT. I am putting on stock 06 STI Cat Back Exhaust, and a Borla Replica UEL header. My question is what should I go with for an intake, and how much will it help performance wise? Also, will it increase or decrease gas mileage? Thanks
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Chances are it will increase gas mileage.


It will improve overall performance but it will also slightly change where on the RPM band you get your torque.


It will also make the car sound more aggressive.


Since we're talking about less than 5-10 horsepower, none of this really matters. If you think that a CBE or a CAI will give you 50 horsepower then I've got a Bridge in Brooklyn that you should take a look at.


Look at an MSD ignition swap or a lightweight/underdrive crank pulley to go along with your CAI/CBE if you are interested in finding performance parts for the Legacy.





If you want to do a short ram the cheap way get a $6 Autozone plastic air duct adapter or a $12 Autozone aluminum MAF adapter and drill it out to fit the Subaru MAF. Boxer4Racing has bolt-on aluminum adapters that require no modification for about $20. Then either get a $20 Autozone cone air filter or a $50 3" K&N filter and hook it all up. Nuts and bolts will run you about $4 at your nearest hardware store. Get either lock washers or locknuts unless you want to drop your filter into the engine bay while driving.

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theres them links^^


heres the charts:








and some more testing





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interesting, and very cheap. ousts my homemade one probably for flow and heat dispersion, but I love my pvc sri :)


correct me if I'm wrong, but I think you'd want the first one (looks like a plastic) because it doesn't retain heat like the chrome one would. if you keep intake temps low, you can get more air into the combustion cycle because cold air=more dense=more air into the same volume as hot air=more air available for combustion=more power and fuel economy. granted it's somewhat insignificant, but still there.

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that is true^ but since our cars arent going to push a high amount of power, the small temp differences between the two wouldnt really make a difference



the cheaper one is what i'd grab.. theyre both essentially the same..


go easy on the chrome-ness tho..


and dont forget the snorkus delete!

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snorkus goes away. mmm...it sounds like power haha but not really. I was never hating on the chrome either! sometimes chrome looks good :wub:


If you were to get the coilpack upgrade and a lightweight cp, then you'd probably net...hmm...20+hp from all 3 upgrades? That's a noticeable streamlining job, and all three are pretty easy. er...the cp is kinda a pain in the ass to get off, but it's nothing internal at least.

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Great Free Mod, very easy, less than 20 minutes start to finish.



(1) Jack

(1) Philips Head Screwdriver

(10mm) Ratchet


(Hacksaw) (Optional for additional intake modding)


This mod is easier with two people. If you are doing this solo it may be easier to remove the fender liner. My method requires you to only jack up the front passenger side of the car. You don't have to remove the tire and you only remove one screw from the fender liner.


Open hood and remove the "ram-air" scoop if you haven't already. Just use your pliers or ratchet and undo the two screws and pull the scoop out of the fender hole. Use the ratchet and remove the gold bolt that is in the fender. This bolt is right in between the hole you just uncovered by removing the scoop and the airbox. This is (1) of (2) bolts that holds on the silencer.


Next, jack up the front passenger side of the car. With the screwdriver remove the pop rivet for the fender liner. This is the bottom most screw on the right side of the tire if you were to be looking right at the "SUBARU" emblem in the center of the wheel. A few inches higher, following the inner fender liner upwards, you will see a black clip holding the fender liner. Pull the liner off of this clip.


Now get under the car. You will see a somewhat rectangular piece of plastic with (6) screw/rivets in it. Take this flap off . Now you will see (2) thumb screws with rectangular heads. The look like " [] ". Once these are removed the fender liner can be pulled off towards the tire. Looking up into the engine bay you can see the silencer. The bolt is hard to get at but you can overcome!!! just remove this 10mm bolt and pull the silencer down down down.


You've done it, you are silencer free.

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^^ you might be right, I'm seeing a weld on that black piece.


zues said it the best, you've gotta get the fender liner off to get at the snorkus. no big deal, and the airbox is easy to get off after that too.

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I havent seen the one with 3 nipples in a long time. I have one on my black leggy but it came with it. Most people buy the on with two nipples and add the third nipple using pipe fittings on the rubber connectors before the MAF. There is a writeup on sl-i i think.
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