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Snowflake Wheels?


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I'm pretty sure i have read that the snowflake wheels from older legacy's will fit on the gt's.


I searched but couldn't find the answer. If some one knows or has a link to the thread i would really appreciate it.


Just want to make sure before i buy a set.


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From my understanding, the snowflake wheels are 16" and won't fit over the Legacy GT brakes.


Your from Uniontown? I'm from Connellsville. Small world.



Yeah thats what i was thinking.

yeah were not to far apart!

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Think you could pass along Subaru Jim's contact info? I bet if he's willing to ship, he'd have a lot of customers here. I've been looking for the right-priced set of snowflakes for a few years now to pop up. I missed a set for $200 locally last month because they came up *just* when I had no cash. :mad:
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