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looking for DIY SpecB Grille for 05-07 LGT


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Are you even looking at the thread i posted?




on post #1 of this thread, about half way down click on the links under "Grill (modifying stock)"


and then at the very bottom of the first post "DIY grilles - paint, mesh"


seems pretty easy to find (not to be an a$$hole). you'll need to search through them and find what youre looking for...

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This is probably a stupid question, but does anyone know if the Outback 05-07 grill is an exact fit to the 05-07 Legacy? I found one that's cheaper than buying a Legacy grill, and I'd rather go that route if it has the same specs.

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for the emblem im banking on either getting lucky in the Marketplace or just buying a new one from a website that sells OEM parts. i think the emblems are like $30-50, new. make sure to get the 08-09 emblem, it is larger and will cover the oval where the Ford emblem would sit on much better.
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