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Different calipers on '05 GT's?


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I am changing out the left front caliper on my wagon and noticed that although the replacement caliper looks identical, there is a different number on it.


The caliper now on the car reads: TOKICO L 46G T3


The replacement caliper reads: TOKICO L 42H T3


As I said, it appears to be identical, other than this number but I'm not about to install this until I can resolve this difference.


I called a number of places (dealers and aftermarket) a few weeks ago and all but one place gave me one part number for the '05 GTs. I ordered a rebuilt caliper (Cardone part # 19-3349) based on this Subaru part number. Cardone did not list any other caliper for the 05 GT.


One dealership told me that there were some 05's with a different caliper and couldn't give me a part number without the VIN. I asked what the difference in the calipers was, because others told me there was only one, and the parts guy didn't know.


Perhaps Cardone is wrong about this part number, or I'm one of the unlucky few to have the oddball caliper. If I do have the mystery caliper, does anyone know what the difference is?


(Note: a search for a Tokico unit is a dead-end as either of those part numbers only return motorcycle calipers.)

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