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South Carolina Roll Call - add your screen name


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I've seen a few Legacys in the Greenville area and wanted to know if they belonged to anyone here:


05-07 GT OBP Sedan, with exhaust

05-07 2.5i OBP Sedan, didn't get a good look but it had BBS-like rims

05-07 GT GRP Sedan, also with exhaust.


Couldn't tell much more about them as I was driving, though I did get a wave from the GRP driver.

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My name is Steve R and I drive a DGM 2008 LGT spec b. Currently I live in Indian Land, SC. I am in the Charlotte metro/surrounding area, maybe a mile south of the state border in Lancaster county. I see 4-5 Subarus in the area regularly, most are impreza's though.
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I'm Tyler, I just moved to Greenville. Looking at my Legacy you wouldn't suspect anything (stock exhaust and wheels) but I'm on here! It's lower if you look closely. It's brilliant silver, has a crack in the rear bumper and the paint scuffed off all 4 corners (idiot previous owner). That will be fixed with my first paycheck...


Is anyone going down to Georgia for the NASA event at Road Atlanta next weekend?

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Not for the NASA event, but I will be going next month to see the last ever ALMS race.


I think I remember seeing your car at the Greenville tech auto-x. Are you actually in Greenville now?


Yep, that was me, and yes I am. I graduated and start work on Tuesday :spin:

Apparently there's some kind of car meet on Sundays by the burlington coat factory / hooters, so I'm going to check that out tonight... Probably a bunch of ricers.


Edit: Pretty decent turnout tonight, at least compare to what I'm used to. Good variety too. Had your donks (lifted 80's/90's american cars with huge wheels) in one area, lots of riced out civics and such in another, a bunch of mustangs somewhere else, some trucks, some corvettes, a viper. Might go again next weekend

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Not to sound like a broken record, but the cars and coffee meets have always had an excellent variety of seriously lust worthy vehicles. Last time there was a Ferrari F40 LM. I haven't seen any donks or many other trends that just make you wonder why. Fourth Saturday of the month, the location has changed to the Michelin head quarters by 85 and Pelham. Edited by seanyb505
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Who controls where it will be?


Sent from my S3


No idea. I assume it started out as an informal gathering and has picked up on the vibe from similar meets around the country of the same moniker. So really probably just a few people who said, "We should meet," and eventually said where they should meet.


Is coming up this Saturday, I'll be there around 9.


No idea about the silver wagon. My wife swears she saw a white one, but I have my doubts. I can't remember any other GT wagons after thinking about one for the last year or so. I am full of no ideas :lol:

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Trip-up from Charleston was pretty uneventful except for the rain and the huge pile-ups on I-26. Southbound was a parking lot. Felt sorry for anyone in those messes. We saw about 10 SCHP cruisers heading north on 26 and then on 385 - looks like they called-in several HP barracks to cover the accidents.


Anyway, going to hang-out here for a few days then head back to Charleston on Sunday. Any recommendations of things to do while we're here? And, WOOT, there's an REI here. Woot-on

- Pro amore Dei et patriam et populum -
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