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Loud knock when i hit bumps or turn...

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alright so in the past 2 months i have replaced my front axles, cv joints and boots, hub and bearings, i put coilovers on about a month ago along with the camber kit and allignment. a couple weeks ago i noticed a slight knocking noise when i turned left and can sometimes feel it in the steering wheel, it sounded like it was coming from the front right side, i looked under the car and noticed my tie rod boots were torn apart so i figured it was the tie rods, replaced the tie rods and took a few turns thinking the problem was fixed, now the noise is very consistent, almost every bump in the road makes a loud clunk. my only thought is the strut is blown but i will be very surprised if i broke my brand new coilovers in a month! if any body has any other ideas it would be much appreciated, thanks alot.
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I have a similar clunk coming from my front left corner. I upgraded my sway bars to cusco and had some squeeking from the bushings (upgraded to greasable energy suspension), the squeek went away after about 4k miles and greasing. About 6 months ago I had the control arms replaced due to worn out bushings (54k mi). But lately I have noticed a clunk on almost every left turn. My feeling is the sway bushing is sticking, the new end link is worn (only 6k mi on the new end links and and control arms), or may my struts are wearing out.


Any other thoughts?

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