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Rota Grids Finally ON


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just confirming fit on struts and lowering springs? not coilovers? opie is using struts and lowering springs




I am taking notes for future


Whats the offset, I think theres 2 offsets for this rim size??


et48, not aware of the other offset. Only offered this offset for this wheel size from Wheel Dude.

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Nice setup OP. I personally like the flush look too, but I also spent alot of time in Japan around the drift and VIP scene. Your ride will sit right once you get your coils. Keep up the good work.


Thanks. Most definitely, that will be one of my first purchases next year.

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I had a 2001 VW Jetta with 18x10 Brock wheels in the rear w/255/35 tires and 18x8.5 Brocks up front with 225/40 tires on a front wheel drive vehicle. In practical, yes, bad ass look, HELL YES.



Its nice to see another from the VW crowd over here. You must of had Brock B1's i'm hoping at least. I had a 20th AE with a jetta front end, boser hood on 19" BBS CH's that were hella flush and tucking tire.


I have coilovers on my Spec B now, just need to figure out a wheel setup that I like, and then I can roll the fenders and go down another inch or so past the already almost two i'm down now. Gotta love that stanced look. And the grids look great on your car. But I do agree with you, coilovers a must. :dm:


And I have BC coilovers and absolutely love them. If you wanted an opinion for a coilover setup.

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spring and strut combo is not as stiff, thus more chance to rub

however you dont lower your car as much when your on springs...


with coils, you can cut it much closer

like credit card fitment


and i think theres more than 2 offsets available...i know theres one that's in the low teens...



hows the ride quality?

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